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rd, a kind of agili

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Moonlight is like water Marlboro Cigarettes, every night, I will look at the stars in the wind and the window, and it seems that you are within easy reach. When you read you, you will forget the distance between you and me Cigarettes Online. In the past, I must have been a stunned butterfly, shaking off the dust, flying beautiful love for love Newport Cigarettes, let me believe that there is a past and present in the world. If love is a kind of resonance, it is also because there is you in the dream. In the past life, I must be your favorite butterfly. I hope that you will recognize me in this life and recognize that I am your favorite person. My text is written for you, with the warmth on your fingertips, knocking out the gentle words, recording every footstep I love you, listening to the words under the fingertips, the keyboard is chilly, can't hide inside. Gentle. Beautiful and a kind of desire, depicting a kind of warmth, deducting a feeling. Sometimes a song, a piece of music will make people cry. I am eager to whisper with you and chatter. If falling in love with you is a mistake, this is also the most beautiful mistake in my life. I am willing to be wrong. I would like to be a meteor, draw a path of ambiguity and beautiful dreams, leaving the glory of love in the night sky to look out the window, the starry sky is far, and the thoughts are thousands of times. Is there a feeling that love can't be said, only deep blessing? Is there a feeling that missing is not interrupted, just a silly watch? Is there a feeling that the heart is hurting, but refuses to leave... A thousand miles of thoughts, every butterfly in the land is to achieve the agreement of the previous life, no matter how to fly for a lifetime. The butterfly in the wind, for the beauty of love, dances in the dream without regrets, and finds the true meaning of love on the three stones. I bear the wings of fate, keep flying, the story of the three stones, has long been destined for more than a thousand years of love, for this reason, I chased the three life to keep my promise. When the finger touches the keyboard, a kind of agility flows through the air, passing through the gentleness of the heart, the fireworks, the stars, and the National Day is so romantic. Whenever and wherever you see the butterfly dancing outside the window, it is my dance of love, you can see my affectionate gaze
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