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Autumn wind and autumn rain, a touch of bleak rendering of the autumn eyebrows. A few springs come to autumn. Streamer kisses the branches of the seasons and the time of circulation. The earth is dancing in the verdant spring of the spring, and it blooms in the warmth of the summer, and sings in the calm of autumn. The sound of humming, hoarse autumn wind Cigarettes Online. In the autumn of the earth, the chrysanthemum and the morning glory are vying. The mood tangled by the rain, who carved the smile into a yellow flower, shy red maple autumn wind wrinkled a season of sadness, the cross of time, fixed the warp and weft, covered with ancient rust marks Cheap Cigarettes. You scratched the Bitan in my eyes with silence, and I stroked the heart marks with words. How to carry the long and lonely desire, I want to sink in the depths of time, and fill the love into a smile, a look, a drop of dew. Sleeve a long sleeve of fragrant, full of tenderness, woven into a strong brocade, the infatuated red leaves into the colorful picture. The rain is dyed in autumn, just like your gaze, and it has swayed me for a lifetime. Three generations in this world, only for you to spread the pen, write a glimpse of past and present life. Mei Yichun Chunhua, holding a sleeve of maple red, holding a cup of tea, a love affair, the southern and the north of the life, with gentle touch of the night of the heart of a whistle, a whistling sound like water, full of windows clear Eliminate. Your love is like a maple leaf red, falling in my eyebrows. Expand the long scroll of time, in the dream, look for your shadow curtain and the west wind, people are thinner than yellow flowers. How far is your horizon, my horizon, and finally? Dye a tearful mark, heartbreaking. My eyebrows are thousands of times, and my heart is full of knots. I am still standing on this shore, holding the fire of love, just to ignite your love. If you whisper and silently sneak into the river, you can call it the "grandmother river" of the Linxi people. It is located in the southwest of the county, and the "pot of the mountain" is well-deserved and called "grandfather mountain". ". It is named after the top three legs stand in a pot shape. The Paizizi Mountain has an altitude of 1027.8 meters and has a long history of more than 5,000 years. The pot is a important fine stone cultural site in China. If you are lucky, you can find the utensils and worn jewelry that the ancestors used. Potteryzi Mountain is an active volcano that has erupted. Now there are small pieces of basalt that are exposed; Panzizishan is the birthplace of the "Building Linxi" horn Newport 100S, "Agricultural Dazhai" and "Greening" The slogan of Linxi has been built and the book is on its chest; the pot is the hometown where I raised my life, leaving a series of memories of my childhood. I fell to the ground at its feet, listening to the story about it from the moment I remembered it, singing its songs. On the shoulders of its stalwart I looked over the distant terraces of the forest; I enjoyed the pleasure of sand-sliding in the salon on the chest; we caught the fascination in its dark and mysterious belly; among the stretched limbs I I have picked the sweet potatoes and the mountain flowers... The grass and trees there have made me dream, and there is a scene and a thing that makes me feel proud and listen to my father��s generation. The three-year natural disaster is the one that has raised the foot. Children. The fruits, wild vegetables and animals on the mountain have become foods for people to fill their stomachs; ephedra, licorice, safflower and other medicinal materials have become the source of people's economy and natural hospitals for treating diseases; hay, branches and roots have become people's warmth. The firewood that keeps the cold... Facing the endless demands of the children and grandchildren, the pot is only silently paid. It is getting old and old: the lonely mountain is exposed on the top of the mountain. There are several lonely apricot trees on the mountainside. The mountain is scattered. A few slouchy horse orchid disasters have passed, life has improved, and your children and grandchildren should have been fed back, so the people of the county have invested in the "green forest Linxi" and your past enthusiasm. Poplar has become your trousers, Qingsong has made your shirt, sea buckthorn and vitex have become your golden bell, and all kinds of animals that have left are back to your arms, and all kinds of flowers and roots are rooted on your body. Settled in the "Pot-Banshan" Linxi people's "grandfather's mountain", I hope that you will be long-lasting and full of vitality

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