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In the afternoon

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In the afternoon, my colleague took a ticket to the office. "Big Brother, go to the concert?" There are several such symphony performances every year, and it seems to be particularly recent. The symphony, a seemingly elegant art, has always felt far away from us. In the past, I have never been to a concert hall, I have never heard of a concert, and I have seen it as a disappointing thing to watch a performance in a movie theater. After arriving in Shenzhen, the contact concerts gradually increased. In the first few years, most of the talks were performed by foreign symphony orchestras and national art troupes. In recent years, Hong Kong and Macao have gradually increased, to be honest, except I can still keep more than an hour of excitement in the opera ballet. I watched the tuxedo and the baton shaking my head from start to finish. I really can't afford any interest. If you don't understand elegance, you can say that you don't like listening to low grades. Maybe I don't have the arty gene in my bones, or maybe I don't like to be in a hurry for a few hours. It's natural to be restrained and elegant. Sometimes, we will classify popular art with the preferences of ordinary people and the public. Unintentionally degrading the popular to a low level. Just like learning vocal music, you can learn pop music and sing popular singing. You can only entertain the public at the stadium and the party. You can scream in the audience Marlboro Gold, you can cry, you can laugh, you can call, and it doesn��t matter if you burst into the shed. If you are good at melody, it is different. Maybe you can walk into the golden music hall. The audience is not a high official. It is a gentleman and a lady mokingusacigarettes.com. Applause, speaking and walking are absolutely forbidden. The difference is not to be said. Yu. Work relationship, sometimes, do not like you can not go, but can not go or find a variety of reasons not to join in the fun, because patience is not good enough, or do not go, do not like symphony does not mean that I would deny the fine art. I remember watching the performances of the Russian National Art Troupe. Many national treasures and meritorious actors performed blushing on the stage for a long time. The whole performance was nothing. After leaving the concert hall, I didn��t remember it. The only thing that kept the impression was the artists. The glittering medals on the chest and the long legs of the ballet MM, no matter what we remember, at least it��s a harvest. After finding the gap, we begin to envy those who are as intoxicated as they are, and can communicate with musicians. People think that they are the ones who are acquainted with each other who can communicate with the music with the sound of music. I just wait for the neck to make up the number and often suffer from cold eyes and contempt, hehe! So, I also began to try to walk into the music hall and try to walk into the musician's thoughts in order to resonate. As the saying goes: knowing the doorway, do not know how to watch the fun. Indeed, I feel that this is what I said. After the experience, the conclusion is: too difficult, I don��t understand, I don��t understand, elegance can��t be installed, resonance doesn��t happen Marlboro Red, but the tinnitus is still going on, let��s go out It��s too tired and hard.
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