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leave the warmth

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This winter is the quietest. Look out the window. No words, silence, long time. There are thousands of kinds of silkworms in my heart that can��t be said clearly, and there is boundless floating in the air. The thoughts that can't be touched, floating, floating in the clouds. Thinking of the distant blue sky, I really want to tear down a cloud and woven into a brocade. In the silence of winter, I will warm myself with my eyes. Far away is the deep imprint of the passing years Wholesale Usa Cigarettes. I have to continue to walk my own way, muddy or smooth, all the way to go all the way, and then to the end. On the road, meeting is the most beautiful edge. Maybe you will meet someone forever with you, maybe you will meet a group of people to accompany you to Tianming Cigarette Wholesale Price. It��s just the encounter of this road, dotted with my life. It is like winter, crystal snow, like an angel descending from the sky, cleansing the world. In my heart, snow is a woman. The first encounter, the beauty that is out of reach, is on the horizon. Looking up at the girlish holiness, I was so fascinated. Love, pursue. Slowly matured, the girl has a charm, knowing how to subtle and precipitate. The snow fell quietly, slowly, not in a hurry. I met again, touched the cold state of mind, and wanted to warm her whole life. I poured all my love, smashed, dazzled, burning. Snow, melting little by little, the cold figure, with the infinite swaying, fell on someone's palm. So, I have the infatuation that is integrated into one. Forgetting and investing, for the one who loves her, willing to turn into water droplets, and smash the age of deduction. Put down the pride of the whole body, turn that holiness into a rainbow, and hang on the loved one. The light made the man. And the snow, silently swallowed and lost Wholesale Ciggarettes. Landing, among the most pyrotechnic people. Another period of lush years, it is clear. Snow, falling to the ground. Walking down the earth on an ordinary day, I shed tears, smiled, pained, and stunned. Too many emotions are intertwined. Snow Cheap Carton Of Newport Cigarettes, no self. I completely put myself in the arms of the earth, thinking of warmth, not being disturbed, as a treasure. The hardest thing to get along with is the dull. Snow, tears. For a love, she lost a lot. In the embrace of the earth, I learned to live by wisdom. Snow forgets the days of the clouds and knows that life is not easy. Be generous, relieved, let go. Snow, easily lift yourself up, as smoky and beautiful as smoke. At the end of autumn, yellow leaves. In the early winter, the snow flutters. The four seasons are in reincarnation, and the year has never stopped. Whether it is sunny or raining, whether it is hot or snow, the only thing that can comfort yourself is to spend every minute and one minute. It is the woman who will depend on it. Just like the falling of this snowflake. Looking for a trace of temperature, I willingly give myself. As everyone knows, dependence is the most unreliable thing Cigarettes Newport Online. Only when you are serious and down-to-earth can you integrate into the whole season. Regardless of the wind and rain, do the one who holds the umbrella for yourself. Even if it is falling, it is elegant. In this early winter day, I planted the text and looked forward to the opening of a snowflake, clean and innocent. Encircle the hedge and leave the warmth.
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