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Seven bowls of love jade, a pot is really interesting. It��s better to eat tea and go to the night without sleep. Listen to ��It��s better to eat tea��. The whole album is heard, I still think this is the most beautiful. Just like drinking a cup of rich but cold flower tea, affectionately lingering, but don't have a cool meaning. "Between the mountains and rivers" is a talented person who has lived in the mountains and waters. He gave up his fame, and he will pay for it. Once gathered in the same door, drinking wine, poetry and poetry, inscriptions in the world, to this day, alone in front of the lake, lamented the inscriptions perfect. It was a lingering mist of rain, full of jade petals, and flowers flying in the rain, as if his heart had begun to chase the turmoil. He picked up the piano and squatted in the rain, and looked down at the pink paper umbrella on the bluestone board on the lakeside, which matched the flower forest. So she appeared Wholesale Ciggarettes. The woman stopped the flower and dipped the appearance of the pink satin woman, otherwise the appearance of the dust was the beginning of his sorrow. Everything is so unexpected. The self-sufficiency of the mountains and rivers for many years, along with the Lingbo microsteps, the women who are soaking in the socks, the inscriptions are still in the air, and the dusty hearts are so overwhelmed, it seems that the opportunity of Gaoyang is a moment, even if it is a high-pitched sorghum. I can't resist the enthusiasm of Princess Gaoyang. He made "between mountains and rivers". The smoke and rain are more than the full tree jade petals. The Jiangnan smoke and the rain are entangled with the flowers and the rain is chasing the same as the dust. This is his self-deprecation for many years. . He was not the debater. After being moved by Princess Gaoyang, he accepted the jade pillow and fell to the end of Li Shimin��s waist. The invigorating secrets of the mountains and rivers, comfort and self-satisfaction, even fell in love with Gaoyang, but also loved to be vigorous and indulgent. He doesn't understand his inner heart, otherwise he won't struggle in dreams and reality. He can't let go of the woman in his dreams. He can't let go of the dream dress. He is just not expected, but he can't expect it. The dust of himself, in the future Newport Short Carton, was unable to extricate himself because of a dream. After the dawn Cheap Marlboro Gold Cigarettes, he woke up from his dreams, still the tea, or the landscape alone. He lyrics to warn himself to sever the dust edge last night, the same door gathered to push the cup and change the current tea Buy Newport 100S Cigarettes Online, cool wine, cold words, laughter, half-life, exhausted inscriptions, perfect inscriptions, whoever sees the seclusion between the mountains and the waters, and the floating name, but remembers him The woman in the dream made me want to make the duckweed lying in the lake only to accompany you in the pan-years. I am willing to turn the sand to lie in the lake. I will accompany you to wait for the spring and summer rotation to stay alone, see the lonely geese flying, burning incense, Lin Zhongfu Qin, he kept saying that he cut the dust edge, but he did not care. It��s greed! The evening wind ruthlessly wrinkles the fragrant, the beautiful scenery has not yet seen through Cheap Carton, how can you let go?
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