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train to travel to Dalian after getting permission from both parents. We sat in the carriage. Looking at each other, I seem to see an infinite future in his eyes. We walked on the soft beach, said about the future, the expectation of the future, he laughed me as a daydreamer, I am not angry, because I have him in every daydream. I picked up the nice shell and gave it to him. I watched the sunrise and sunset at the seaside of the microwave, watching the stars and the moon, and watching the other side of the distant sea. In the early morning, the mist rises, so I can't see the lighthouse of the distant high school. The intense rhythm of learning makes me no longer easy. We don't always chat and talk together, talk and laugh, more often than me. They are buried in a pile of papers and can't lift their heads. He is still so comfortable in learning. Sometimes he even goes to the boring self-study to play in the playground. I watched him and a few students sweating on the way back from the stadium. He saw me, ran over to me, touched my head, and smiled so beautifully. At this moment, we were very close. I even felt his powerful heartbeat, but I felt that we were so far away. He always runs easily in front of me, and occasionally looks back at me, and I have to try my best to tirelessly pick up heavy steps and chase him again and again. I am used to escaping. This is one of the shortcomings I hate most. But I couldn't think of that much at that time. I was doing it with one heart and one mind, deliberately ignoring his injured and worried eyes. "It��s good to graduate." I comfort myself, spending every day in exhaustion. The third year is really fast, and it is over before I can finish the whole box of instant coffee in the drawer. On the afternoon of the end of the college entrance examination, my mood was extremely relaxed, although I didn't finish the final question because of the tension... but I think it is finally over, except I don't want to talk about other things. On the day when the college entrance examination was released, I knew that this time I was away from him, I could no longer catch up. I am not playing well, but it doesn't make people stunned. The teachers and classmates are a little bit sorry for me. My parents are very happy. My mother has always been worried about my homework, and she even hates that one book. Exercise questions. I am also very happy, especially when I saw the big, well-known newspaper on also Buy Newport Cigarettes, so high scores have to fill the same school on the volunteer table, she must It��s very sad. I held the warm porcelain cup in my hand and smiled at her: "Auntie, don't worry, I will persuade him." She seemed to say a lot of thanks to me, but I only saw her lips open and close. However, he did not hear anything on the phone. He was obviously a surprise. Even the sound of calmness was a little trembling. I could see the brilliance of his eyes. We have been walking together on the gravel road of light and shadow, saying a lot of previous things, about the puppies we have raised together, the stars we have seen together, about my escape, his fears, I seem to cry for a long time, also I laughed for a long time. At the end of the day, my brain was blank. I only remembered the temperature and faint smile of his palm Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Cartons, and the "hmm" that promised me that I would no longer be willing to fill in my volunteers Newport Wholesale. As I expected, he went to the Northeast University, which I have been yearning for. I also came to the south of the Yangtze River thousands of miles away from my hometown. On the day he left, he came to send me. I didn't dare to look up at him. I didn't know how to explain that I lied to him to report to the university in the same city. I was uncomfortably licking the clothes corner and holding some wet air tickets. What is he? Didn't ask me, didn't ask me why I lied to him, didn't ask me what I thought, just tilted slightly, my eyes penetrated into my eyes, and gently said: "I am waiting for you to come back." I suddenly felt a little uneasy, back. One point, looking at the familiar hands with clear bones, I came to me, I heard my voice, a little hesitant, "Don't wait for me", I saw his hand some stiff in the air, forbearance Live and want to hold on to feel the warm impulse, and hear your voice, clear, firm, "Don't wait for me." Turned around and disappeared into the crowd. I deliberately stepped up my pace, and I didn't even dare to think back to the disappointment. The injured face was crowded with people, and we forgot while walking. Maybe everyone will meet such a person in his life. He will be with you tenderly, spend the boundless darkness with you, share the joy and sadness of every moment with you, and you will be pleasantly surprised to find that you have accelerated the advancement. Steps, I want to be a better person for each other. He is the ferry of my soul, taking me through the water and stopping at a safe harbor. On the shore, the rest of the road, after all, I want to go by myself, maybe there are thorns full of thorns Order Newports Online, there is a cold river, but the dream will not stop, it will not stop, less dependence, enjoy a lonely The thorns are sharp, the river is biting, and the steep mountains are green grass Marlboro 100'S Cigarettes Online. In the end, I will grow up to be better, no longer dependent, no longer confused, and capable of standing shoulder to shoulder with the people I want to cherish. This lonely journey is my own battlefield, and there will be one day. , flowers, we will see each other again.
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