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The package is round and sweet when it is eaten. It is delicious! Every time I go to buy a snack, I have to buy a few from my mother. The bread is laughing and seems to be proud of the fragrance that is emitted by his body. Do you know that there is such a girl in our class. giggled all day, sometimes telling a few joke stories to the students: "The hairdresser..." She told the story of a "barber" and immediately got the applause and laughter of the classmates. . "Bread" also smiled sweetly.ad" is very helpful. She is the master of the "noisy"! in class, the "naughty bag" did not write homework, and did not finish the class. When the study committee members received the homework book, they saw that the "naughty bag" had not been finished yet, and said with a smile: "The naughty bag, you hurry Newport Coupons In Cartons." The "naughty bag" of the fire immediately came up: "My big Team leader, I didn't finish it, don't you use it like this?" The study committee member said: "I'm sorry, but please be quicker." The naughty bag is unreasonable. It worked quite hard: "Why?"... I also sweared a few swear words. The study committee members are also a little irritated. "Naughty bag, do you dare to do this?" "Naughty bag" rolled up the sleeves and said: "Come on alone?" "Naughty bag" strength is one of the best in the class, no one in the class Can beat him. Even the sturdy Li Ming, who had just turned around a few days ago, was easily "solved" by him. Looking at the current five (five) classes Coupon For Carton Newport 100S, who can provoke him? knows, the study committee said: "You don't be proud! You have the ability n they both got up. "Hip-Hop..." Mao, who usually loves to talk about other people's gossip, also stood up. While he was igniting the learning committee member Liu Yu, he also said Liu Yu��s bad words to the naughty bag Wu Xiaoming. Their "combat" is even higher. Gradually, many students came to watch Low Price Cigarettes Free Shipping. Some students just watched the excitement. At this time, they walked out of a classmate. He said, "Don't fight!" Who knows, Wu Xiaoming knocked him down with a punch. "Whoever comes to persuade, this is the end!" Everyone is frightened and frightened. No one rushed to persuade.s time, "small bread" came. When she was chewing a lollipop, she suddenly saw many students there. "Bread" asks me, "'small bread', can you just go and see if you can?" "Bread" feels reasonable and goes Cheap Newports C.d a look of ignorance. "You stop first." "Bread" said seriously. The two of them were confused and stopped.d" said: "Liu Yu, Wu Xiaoming, the students should have helped each other, and get along with each other, don't quarrel. This is a classmate in a class. Do you say that I am right? So, you fight It��s not right, stop now!�� Liu Yu and Wu Xiaoming��s faces are red, and they say each other: ��I��m sorry...��ad" took Wu Xiaoming's homework book, saw the scribbled handwriting above, slightly frowned, and then said to Wu Xiaoming: "Wu Xiaoming, you are not serious about this assignment, and have not finished writing. So, this can not be blamed. Liu Yu. If you write seriously, you will not be criticized by the members of the study committee!" Wu Xiaoming bowed his head Newport Wholesale In Usa. "Bread" patiently opened Wu Xiaoming's stationery bag, only to see that there was only one broken pen inside. "Oh." The bun quickly rushed back to take a brand new black pen: "Wu Xiaoming, you use this one, you have to write fast and good in your homework!" Wu Xiaoming hesitated for a long time, only took the pen, embarrassed to say : "You... you won't... don't ask for money?" "Bread" smiled: "Is this equal to sending you free?" Wu Xiaoming quickly lowered his head and wrote homework. she pulled Liu Yu and accused Mao of ��deliberately destroying the feelings of the students��, and said with shame: ��I will never do this again!��e that time, Wu Xiaoming��s homework has been A+ for the second time, and it has become better and better. The ��bread�� is also famous.
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