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After reading the book "How Steel

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After reading the book "How Steel Is Made", my mind can't be calm for a long time, and I am deeply attracted by the poetic personality of Paul. Steel is solid and reliable, just like our great national heritage today, just like the indomitable spirit of Chinese descendants for thousands of years Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online. Maybe the steel will last for a long time and it will grow rust. However, the spirit of the Chinese nation for a hundred years, the spirit of the Chinese nation for thousands of years, will never rust, just like the spirit of Paul.mire the quality of Paul. He is indeed a tenacious person. When he has to withdraw from the battlefield when he is wounded, he is still making contributions to the development of society. When he was diagnosed, he still tried his best to work for the society. In the end Cigarettes For Sale, he was blind and blind, and had to give up his job. But he still firmly took up the pen and once again stubbornly struggled with fate. People should not succumb to fate, they should struggle for life, and work hard.I was shocked by Paul's sturdiness, when I felt sorry for Paul's illness, when I cheered for Paul's success, I couldn't help but think of Paul, our Chinese, Paul of China. In the war years, countless heroic warriors who died for the country, they rushed to battle and heroically killed the enemy. During the period of peace building, countless Paulian heroes emerged. These heroes braved the heat, the cold, worked overtime, and worked hard for the society, the people, and selfless dedication. In the new era of reform and opening up, our increasingly powerful and powerful country has once again emerged with more Paulian figures. Maybe the difficulties have been blocking them in front of them, but they are never discouraged. They use a more steady pace to step on the scarce ladder because society needs their Paul spirit Online Cigarettes. Let us spirit to move millions of young people, to inspire them to rise up in difficulties, to be strong in setbacks, to grow up in hardships!e can be said to be a tortuous and bumpy road. In the journey of life, you will encounter many difficulties, to face the blow of failure and the pain that is not understood, and so on. However, all of this is short-lived. After breaking through the obstacles and overcoming difficulties, we will review the path we have taken, and we will realize that it is the flame of tempering life. How many heroes and great men are trained in the burning flame Newport Cigarettes Price, as people often say: "Bao Jianfeng is grinding out, plum blossoms are coming from bitter cold." Compared with Paul, we are in study and life. The difficulty is really negligible. What reason do we have to sigh and sigh?great person and thing has a negligible beginning. Maybe we are temporarily small on the road of chasing dreams. Maybe we are humbled for a while, but don't forget that it is only temporary. If you believe in yourself, no one can prevent us from succeeding. As Paul said, ��If you have no regrets, then everyone should be a brave dream catcher.��ould learn from the spirit of Paul, strengthen our ideals and beliefs, and establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values. I remember that there is a famous saying in the book: "The life of a person is the most precious. When he looks back on the past, he should not regret for being inactive... as white as it is, and it is fleeting. It seems that a very long life will actually pass quickly Marlboro Red. So live a meaningful life and live a worthwhile life, at least not to live up to the existence of this life.k "How Steel Is Made" contains too much truth. Only by slowly getting acquainted with it can we find out what it means to us. I sincerely thank it and taught me the meaning of life. The author of "How Steel is Made" is to pass on his patriotic, tough and optimistic "steel" spirit to everyone! Almost no one is willing to live in a mediocrity, even if the grass is trying to add a touch of green to the spring, and hopes to leave his own figure on the spring rolls. If you want to spend your
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