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In my home, there is a

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In my home, there is a "super big bug". She, eat nothing, net "eat" books. She is the second "book fan" in my family - Xie Qianqian. on the white and tender face, is embedded with a pair of bright and godly eyes; under the small and delicate nose, there is always a small "follow-up" - a small red mouth and a small mouth.
y time I go home, I can't see my cousin's face that I want to see a few more eyes Wholesale Cigarettes. Whenever I play with my friends happily, my cousin's figure is only in the study; whenever I...when I... When I face this situation again, I always show a puzzled face.ver I face such a situation, I will go to the study room, Lala's sister's beautiful sleeves, with a pitiful look: "Sister, don't read the book, come and play with me for a while!" in my soft grinding Under the hard bubble, my sister had to carelessly say, "Okay, okay, wait a minute!"l, how are you!" I screamed and shouted. "Sister is going to play with me! My sister is going to play with me! Yeah--" After more than half an hour, my sister still sticks to her. The most intimate study room. My joy has long since turned into impatient Marlboro Cigarettes.ngry and ran into the study room to urge my sister. My sister��s answer is as always. I am known as "small machine spirit" at home, I suspect that my sister may lie to me again.e saying goes: "It is honest to be cheated once, and being fooled twice is a fool." I am not a fool, and I have been cheated twice. So, my little head came to a very fast turn and came up with a good idea.rried into the room of Daxie, looking at the big eyes with the watery eyes, Yiyi said: "Da, big, you let my sister play with me, okay, okay?" "Good, good, good." Big eyebrows opened his eyes and said with a smile.ietly and unhurriedly went to the study, and gave her sister a meal. My sister had to put down the most favorite "food", leave the most huge "food room" and play crazy with me! She, a black and shiny hair, often tied into a ponytail, a pair of clear, bright eyes, set in white. Round face. And her mouth, the endless mouth, smiles like the sun is shiningstrengths are many, but being helpful is her greatest strength.ember once, I, she and some friends went to the street to buy snacks. I was walking on the road and talking happily. I suddenly heard the cry from the children. We looked forward and found a small front. The younger brother fell, and pitifully cried on the ground and cried aloud. Her footsteps slowed down involuntarily, and she looked back and looked back. The friends urged her: "Let's go, leave him alone!" But she did not hesitate Answer: "What are you worried about, didn't you see that little brother fell so much? We just don't care, don't you think, can you pass?" After listening to her, we shyly bowed our headshed to the past, helped him up, and helped the roadside. She asked about the little brother��s injury with concern: "Are you okay? It hurts..." When he saw that his wound was covered with mud, she actually He did not hesitate to take out the new handkerchief that he was not willing to use, carefully wiped the younger brother, and patiently said: "Don't be afraid, nothing, my sister will be careful, it won't hurt you..." Little brother The expression of grateful expression Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, I have a busy thank you and said: "Thank you, big sister..." She smiled and smiled...eaning up the wounds for the younger brother, he raised the younger brother and sent him home. On the way to send him home, we laughed and laughed and laughed. In this laughter Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, she was mixed with her voice to comfort the younger brother. She also said: "Today is really happy, helping others Carton Of Marlboro Reds, today is the best, happy day!" Friends also nodded again and again, and said "Hmm" in the mouth, agree
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