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The beautiful spring girl floated to

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The beautiful spring girl floated to the ground, the earth was replaced by the festive costumes, the flowers blossomed, the birds sang, and the spring walked through the mountain village wilderness, she showed herhild. They swing on the soft branches, and the branches sway through the lake. They are like a graceful girl who appreciates her beauty by the water. The appearance, this is really an ancient poem: "Jade jade makeup into a tree high, thousands of green grass hanging down." Ah! A small bird played on the water, screaming "squeaky", as if singing the praises of the spring, and occasionally licking the clear lake with the tip of the tail, and circling a circle. This beautiful spring adds a touch of lihe willows, but also the various flowers and plants, they are not inferior to the willows! Behold, the curious little grass has come out of the head, and the delicate flowers have become more spiritual after a winter's sleep Marlboro Red, red is like fire, powder is like Xia, white is like snow... colorful, some Still not willing to poke in the head, shyly hidden in the middle of the overlapping petals; some tweaked to push a small piece of petals, as if it is dangerous, it will be retracted at any time; some courage is particularly large, proud of At first, the petals naturally stretched out and were beautif, animals are also eager to try Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, the sky will always fly through a group of birds, butterflies, bees shuttle between flowers and plants Newport Cigarettes Website, the duck mother also took the ducklings to swim in the water, rating that a beautiful year will come again! Many things around us are invented by scientists who insist on the truth and do not back down. Those who dare to uphold the truth will certainly succeed. In the history of scientific development, although there is no confrontation between the two armies of real swords, there are indeed people who have given precious lives to the truth. Bruno (1548-1600ame a pastor and received a Ph.D. Since then, he has gradually become skeptical about religion. He boldly criticized the Bible, and thus offended the Holy See, had to escape from Italy, to promote Copernicus's heliocentric theory in France, Britain and other places, criticizing Ptolemy's geocentric theory. He believes that the universe is infinite. There are countless similar star systems outside the sun. The sun is nothing but the center of a star system, not the center of the universe. Bruno developed the Copernicus Sun Center and said that human understanding of celestial bodies has beenused deception to deceive him to Italy and immediately arrested him. The executioners made all kinds of threats and temptations, and wanted Bruno to surrender, but he insisted on unyielding: "I am not giving in half a step." After eight years of torture, he was sentenced to fire. On February 17 How Much Is A Carton Of Newports, 1600, Bruno was burned to death in the flower square in Rome Carton Of Cigarettes. At the last moment of his life, Bruno faced the executioner of execution, solemnly proclaiming: "You read the verdict to me, more fear than I heard the judgment!" Bruno was executed, and his scientific spirit will last forever! In 1889, people erected his bronze statue on the flower square in Bruno's martyrdom, commemorating this warrior who dedicated himself to science.

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