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なし Everyone has thei

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Everyone has their own home, and I also have my own home. Although this home is not rich Cigarettes For Sale, it is very welcoming. It is the first place I go after a day of class in school. There are six family members in my family. No, there are seven. "Jump" is also a member of my family. "Jiaotiao" is a teddy that I keep. I came here two months ago. Because "jump jump" can jump very high, it was named "jump jump". He can jump to the position of Jiayi's stomach when he jumps up, but also lean on. Jiayi is my sister. She likes dogs as much as I do, but she hugs "jump hop" at every turn, making "jump hop" a little annoying for her Marlboro Gold. In the first grade of Jiayi this year, I robbed me at home every time, and then it was a "Century War". Although the result was evenly divided every time, we still had to "hit". The meaning of "acquaintance" is almost the same, but Jiayi and I are not "not playing without knowing each other", but "not playing without being honest", because only after finishing playing will we do our own thing Marlboro Lights. Every night Jiayi walks with his father to walk the dog. I also want to go, but my father is a believer in Buddhism, but it doesn't count. He usually rubs the beads, but the kind in his hand. Dad is the main manager of "Jump". He usually goes for "Jump" and he will also train "Jump" when he has time. So "Jump" has a good relationship with my dad. I often see my dad. Just "don't" me. Grandpa and grandma often "bicker", but just a little while later, grandpa and grandma were very opposed to raising dogs, but when "jump" is so good, they are not so opposed, sometimes they still Feed "jump" some food while eating. My mother does not look like an adult in my eyes, but instead looks like my sister, but when she received my mobile phone, I felt that she was an adult and wanted not to give the mobile phone, but my mother would probably kill me. Alas, my mobile phone is like a harbour. It ��s always there. You can go back anytime. There is laughter and tears in the house. But the home is always the warmest. Everyone must have a home. Like the soul.
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