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Here, waiting for decay, waiting to disappear. I sat in this comfortable classroom Marlboro Red, but my heart was filled with bitter autumn wind, and I felt a little uneasy. I really didn't expect that in this autumn's airy days, the first military training in my life turned out to be heatstroke. When I lowered my eyelids and walked back to the classroom with lead-filled legs, the classmates' amazement followed with a slight disdain followed me, and I felt like a clown, scorched by this Trapped, unable to escape "Why can others hold on, I can't?" At lunch, I avoided the noisy crowd and held my cell phone to cry to the mother on the other side of the phone. "I don't want military training anymore, I want to rest ..." I choked. Looking at the leaves in front of the window, they felt helpless. The mother on the other side of the phone groaned for a moment, then said gently: "You decide for yourself. If you can still stick to it, stay home, if you really need rest, then go home. Can you decide for yourself? I decide for myself ? Then go home or stay, go home or stay? "Then I still-stay. "I slowly uttered a sentence, relieved in my heart. After hanging up, I felt that I had grown up a lot. Although it was only a small decision. But I understood that after the pain of transformation, I can dance the most beautiful with my beautiful wings. Growth. And every difficulty is a chance of metamorphosis Cigarettes Online, a chance of metamorphosis into a butterfly. Lifted his head in relief, a yellow leaf fell from the tree against the wind and swirled into the soil. It is a kind of solitude Silence. No resentment, no regret. Turned into a legend. Suddenly there was a touch in my heart that moved this surging surge, and rolled up the never-ending waves in my heart. It turns out that autumn leaves do not fall helplessly and hurtfully. They Waiting for the wind to come and falling in the wind is for better budding in the coming year. They chose to metamorphose, choose to wait for the wind, and choose to face the wind firmly in the wind again and againike them Parliament Cigarettes, I am waiting for the wind, waiting for the wind to blow me stronger!
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