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Blue skin, white paper, black lines - this is how it was when his father moved home. So, from that day on, I have had an indissoluble bond with these 60 comic books. I and the story of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. From this day, for me in the second grade, this box is There is no color and no prince princess's album seems to have no appeal. But when I opened the first "Taoyuan Knot", I was deeply attracted. Liu Bei, a straw-dressed shoe, Guan Yu, a red-faced long-haired, and a smashing Zhang Fei... fresh characters, fresh stories. I threw "Grimson's Fairy Tale" aside and got into the Three Kingdoms pile. In a short while, the bed was full of blue small albums. At 18:00 Taoyuan, 18:30 Dong Zhuo Jin, 18:50 catching Cao... When I go to sleep at night, my mind is filled with Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Lu Bu, Sun Jian or the image of orthodox or slick. The next day, the third day, so reciprocating, as it was then, I was watching the excitement. With his own feelings, Liu Bei was regarded as a good man who could not be reached, and Cao Cao was put into the 18th floor of Hell; only Lu Bu was not easy to handle: I always could not understand whether he was a "good guy" or a "bad guy." It took me a long time to understand that there are not only good people and bad people in the world. Those who are not well defined in the middle are often much more than the ones that look "good" or "bad" (if there is such a pure person). But at the time, I had to continue reading in a confused mood. Because of the excitement, the plots that I don��t like are skipped. Yuan Shao came, crossed; Liu Bei defeated and crossed, and Mrs. Cai jumped out and messed up. It was not until Zhuge Liang appeared that I had to re-read the local details. I saw this masterpiece by reading the fairy tale, so there are many interesting tastes. Zhuge Liang is a hero, a savior, and he can do anything. He can swing the fan and break hundreds of thousands of troops; he can strategize and win thousands of miles; he also has unlimited personality charm: not like Zhou Yu, he is so heart-felt, Meng Meng can be arrested because of "not accepting" Mountain... In my heart, Zhuge Liang is synonymous with ��perfect��. Therefore, when I read the original section of Wuzhang, I couldn't stand it: Why didn't the prince and the princess live a happy life together? Why did Zhuge Liang die? I was so angry that I jumped on my feet for a long time, and I felt depressed for a long time; therefore, I locked the album into the box and swears Marlboro Red, "I will never see it again, breaking the Romance of the Three Kingdoms." However, it is from that time that I have begun to understand that almost all things can not get a true fairy-tale ending; I also vaguely understand that even if I don��t like this ending, it will still exist, no It will be very wrong for me to change the old country because I am disgusted. "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" makes a small, unspeakable world stay at the level of life rather than the mind. Although I was born with the temperament of "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms", I will still gather a group of students to listen to me "speaking": telling Feng Yiting Newport 100S, telling the war of the official, talking about the three sorrows, and the super long oil and vinegar version of "Red Cliff" The battle, the poor deceivers were so fascinated. After the guardian deducted the points in the class, I would go to the "single knife club" with great arrogance Newport Cigarettes, and set aside the ranks of a group of senior students. Of course, when the teacher gave a lecture on "The Grass and Boat Borrowing Arrows", I also made a good impression. At that time, Yi Zhongtian did not have the idea to scientifically and objectively compare the reading of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Grimm's Fairy Tales. Only then can I really understand what this is a great piece of work: whether it is space or thought. Perhaps this is a bit strange, but I think that my history from fairy tales to the growth of the Three Kingdoms is an indelible mark of thoughtompanied me to grow up.

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