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pine forest, al


なし pine forest, al

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The night is too deep, it is easy to see the scars. The silence of the night makes me sleepless. I sit up in front of the computer and look at the log space of my good friends. I see that your article is very sad. I feel the cold, why? I remembered the scene of the past, a paragraph, really right in front of me. And you have described it as a messy thought, complaining about your stupidity, and writing so many emotional diaries. In fact, these are your most real expressions. Although the reality is the best sobering agent, I have nothing to say in my heart for twenty years of emotions. I don��t believe in killing me, because it is also the secret that I have in my heart. You are right. The good man is an intriguing book. You can read it carefully, or you can taste it slowly. It will make you pleasing and pleasing. You are the stupidest man in the article, but also as perfect as I wrote, handsome, handsome and handsome, when you mention me, you are tired, resentful, isn��t it the end of the heart that is the end of love? You said that you are the stupidest woman, the most embarrassing, the most stupid Marlboro Red, but the old-fashioned fairy tale has never concealed the true feelings, said shy, I see that it is the most true expression, installed in your heart Shen, loaded In my heart, that is happiness and the only remaining sincerity Newport 100S. In fact, the past is so beautiful, vividly remembered, although I missed the opportunity to turn around, but in life we ??are not in the same blue sky, bathing in the same sun, enjoying the same moon, thousands of miles, the heart can not control, always It is the door knocker that rings your dreams. And I deeply know that your five diaries are the most true feelings, and they will hurt the most. I have also become your sinner of the ages. If all this is a big lie, then the heart of the station is really everything is empty, how can the bright eyes be adjusted again. You are not you, I am not me, everything in the past is a myth, we are two goblins. Lock the diary into the drawer, no more tears to the dawn Cigarettes Online, I am not a frequent visitor in your lonely dream. The night is deeper, and each other finds that each other is not the moon of each other, but the warm and fiery sun mountain is still the same, the water is still, the gathering is still the same, and the scattered is still. If the night is dark / the sky flashes your eyes / guide me to the light / if the leaves fall / the withered is you / and the red fruit full of branches is also you / if the night sinks / that is lost you / me Isn't that the shining star / if the moon is full / that is falling down with you / with me to cut through the night sky / a beautiful new let us calm down, do not let busy ignore the fresh and beautiful spring, ignore the ����The green nature and the birdsong of the vitality, ignoring the fields of cultivation, the clear river, and the humming. Let the face of the vicissitudes of life, enjoy the peace of life, and not feel the reluctant memories of the years, the glory of the bustling, only one kind of emotion is called the light wind and no longer sigh. The poetry is indifferent, only concerned about the clear water and green, the black soil and white clouds, the small bridge flowing water, the unforgettable pine forest, all this will not go far, I really don't understand, watch the tenderness of the bones here.
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