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have a car going down


なし have a car going down

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Some things will be condensed into the most beautiful memories, stored in the depths of the soul, and will not be degraded over the years Cigarettes For Sale. Occasionally, they will be tasted and counted, and find that life will be so beautiful Cigarettes Online. It is not because of perfection that it is moving, but because it is experienced before it will be remembered. At the age of 19, I assigned to teach at Caijiabao Middle School. Before the distribution, the students said that as long as they don't belong to Xishan Caijiabao, it is very difficult. Drinking the drowning water stored in rainwater every day is very inconvenient. But after the distribution results came out, I really got there. My brother-in-law and my eldest sister found a car and sent me. I was in a bad mood. The car was on the mountain road, winding and winding, and it was heavy. The trees on both sides of the road are slouching green, the crops in the ground are sparse and weedy. There is also a friend of a brother-in-law sitting in the car. He works in Caijiabao Township. I asked him why this time, some places are deserted. He said that he has been here for three years and the crops are sunburned. This place is a place to eat by the sky. Many young people on Zhuangzi have gone out to work. There is a Zhuangzi who has not entered a daughter-in-law for six years. This year, there is no student in the preschool class. I listened to my feelings and made it even more heavy. He looked at my frustrated face and immediately joked that Cai Jiabao is actually very good, very close to Xining, and drinking the most holy rain Newport Cigarettes Coupons, the rain can wash the face is the most beautiful beauty. He also said that there is a teacher in the middle school to have a physical education class on the playground. The students kicked the football out of the wall. When the teacher saw it, the football had already rolled to Xining West Steel. The teacher went to get the ball. When the football was taken back to school, the class was still returned. Didn't have a class? I don't believe it, just ask him if it is true? He said that you don't believe that you can go and see at night. You can see Xining's bright lights in the west, and you can hear the screams of Xining hawkers selling. (Later, I can really see the lights of the stars, but I can't hear the sound of the students coming to the school, the students have not come to report, the campus is quiet, clean and fresh. The Board of Education is in the north of the middle school, to the entrance of the Education Committee, a row of gardens. There are colorful chrysanthemums in the flowers Cheap Cigarettes, the flowers are gently shaking with the breeze, the sky is blue, the white clouds float leisurely in the washed air. There is a hill behind the school, the cool and cold, the trees are lush, the whole campus is enveloped in a poetic atmosphere. I think that I have to teach and educate people here. Suddenly, I feel very happy. I am looking forward to my work. My heart has become very stable. The next day, I went to school alone. My mother gave me a felt. I also carried a big bag of daily necessities, took the shuttle bus to the mutual aid county, and the car went to Shangshan City. I asked the driver to stop at the Caijiabao intersection. The driver heard that the intersection was over, and he saw me take so much. Luggage, after parking, wait at the opposite intersection to wait for a shuttle bus to Xining, then help me get the luggage to the car, let the driver take me to Caijiabao intersection for free, although after getting on the bus Minutes arrived, but I was very grateful to the two drivers. I got off the bus and there was a car waiting for someone to know that he was also a teacher in the middle school. We just waited for the car while chatting. The car could be down at five o'clock. Waiting for the sky to turn cloudy, the wind is overwhelming, the heavy rain is coming soon, but there is no place to avoid the rain at the intersection, I thought that the first day of work will not be poured into the soup chicken! Fortunately, the car will come for a while, the teacher Help me get my luggage on the bus. The car is basically a teacher. They are very familiar with the driver. The driver joked and asked if I was the teacher's object. The teacher said that I was also the teacher who just got a share. Everyone cast a warm eye and talked with laughter. Like a lively big family school, there are only three female teachers. I am in the second language and the whole school music. I am not a music major. I can only teach one song every week: "The song dedicated to my mother." Far away... The songs are floating around the campus every day Carton Of Cigarettes, and I am like a bird that is out of school on Friday. I don��t have a car going down the mountain. I followed the students down the mountain and took a shortcut. Although the road was steep, it was accompanied by the cheers of the students. Laughter More than an hour has passed to Dongjiagou, the students go home one by one, leaving me to walk for half an hour, although one person, not afraid of the emergence of bad people, the mountains are so simple and kind. On Sunday at the bottom of the mountain Waiting for the car, winter is coming, more and more people, sometimes people who can get on the bus can't be loaded, the ticket buyer (the driver's wife) and a few young people are on the roof rack, the bus will not leave any One person stayed at the bottom of the mountain. The car drove very slowly and swayed on the mountain road. One day, it was already in the deep winter, I was waiting for the car at the foot of the mountain. After seven o'clock, I still couldn��t see the car. It was already dark. Others gradually left, and the big sister who waited for me to drive with me told me to walk together and said that her family was in Quanwan. We went up and went to school tomorrow morning. I then followed her up the mountain and took a short walk to the cropland. We Accompanied by the night, facing the north wind over the mountains, and then climbed a piece of land, sweating, and reached out when they reached home. The husband of Daxie waited at the gate, he said that the car was bad in the county. We are walking At home, the rice is ready, the fire in the stove in the room is very hot, war
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