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day when I cook


なし day when I cook

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day when I cook, I will look at this tree. Born in an exotic fruit tree. Call it "fruit tree". Actually, I don't expect it to have fruitful performance. It is just a pity for it! More often, I hope it will come "the roadside plum is not sweet". Otherwise, it will inevitably lead to the fate of climbing and branching. It grows very fast in spring, and a few new rains push up a bit. The green branches are shaking in the breeze, and it seems to reveal the fear of being smashed. Doom. So, I encourage the daughter of the elementary school to hang a message of blessing for it - "Dear Little Tree: May we join hands and grow together, together!" "Follow the daughter's name, age and school, etc., to call for more people's love... Maybe the gardeners are compassionate and can't bear to annihilate the child's hopes; maybe the apricot tree grows taller and more likely to make people It was identified. It was the green pruning of the year. It was fortunately preserved and became a real apricot tree, but the branches were still slender. Occasionally, the birds flew to the branches, always seeing it overwhelmed. When it is worried about it, it is also the time when the birds play with each other. As the saying goes, "There is nothing wrong with the weather, and people have a good fortune." "This is true for people. Is it true for plants? It��s just that they are reluctant to resist earning us humans can��t know. One evening, the wind and the rain are big, I am dark when I go home. I am in a hurry to avoid the rain. Into the corridor, did not take into account the apricot trees in the wind and rain. Who knows that the night is not beautiful, the wind is raging, the rain is like pouring, always hear the wind, tearing the leaves, the rain and the screaming of the window screaming. At midnight, there is lightning and thunder. Dream, I saw a tree apricot flower laughing at me Marlboro Gold, and staying close to me, is a shyness of words and words! Wake up in the morning, the wind and rain are in a cool, with the wife talking about the broken dreams last night, wife Saying that dreams are all counter-productive, you should go and look at the apricot trees downstairs. Yes, how can I forget the existence of a night storm? When it rains, I can "hidden into a small building into a unified system", and what about it? I only want to come here, but I have to go to the kitchen and open the window, overlooking the green belt in the community. God!...There is a horrible picture, and there is almost no high tree in the green belt. , a bowl of rough hibiscus The skewed overwhelming on the apricot tree. So, I quickly put on my clothes and went downstairs to help Cheap Cigarettes. I was helpless and stubborn. It was difficult for me to shake my bulky body with my personal strength. Fortunately, the long branches of Hibiscus tree have long been Touching the ground, invisibly played a supporting role, and did not cause more damage to the small apricot tree. It was a weekend. Because of the apricot tree, I also joined the greening team of the residential property after breakfast Marlboro Red, cleaning up and down together. After the battlefield, remember that we first saw off some of the branches of the Hibiscus tree, and then tied the reins on the fallen tree, and then used the crane to get right. After the Hibiscus tree was finished, the whole picture of the apricot tree was revealed. The main branch higher than the cypress has been crushed by the hibiscus tree, only the bark is connected with the tree pole hidden in the cypress. So, I think "long pain is better than short pain" simply squat down, it is I experienced another pruning with the same level as the cypress. But later, my mother��s agronomic experience for more than 30 years prevented my recklessness. She taught me to correct the fractured section first, and then wrap the wound with a soft cotton cloth. Wrapped tightly, with a long straight rod Help, prevent the wind from blowing and affecting the wound healing... It��s amazing! So for a little while, the broken branches are actually growing, and the gap between the ropes is bulging, and some have swollen cotton. Cracked, so he quickly dismantled the wrapped wrap to avoid the growth of it mokingusacigarettes.com. Looking at the scarred little apricot tree Cigarettes Online, the mother smiled gratifiedly. Perhaps it was the hard work of the little apricot tree that infiltrated me. It may be that I have to pay to know that I really care for my love, just like the pure love of my parents and my grandchildren. I am both selfless and fearful. I have been silent with it since that day. In the morning, we are doing morning exercises in the mist. I trod around the green belt, and it swayed in the breeze. When the wind was strong, I would applaud and applaud. After breakfast, we will use our eyes to greet and please say goodbye. On a busy day, returning at dusk, it is again Tossing up my own figure to hug my style... Xiaoxingshu, the best friend in life! We watched each other, admired and blessed this spring morning, and the horror just warmed up when the weather was over. It sent me some red and scattered, subtle, sincere and friendly. Through the north window of the kitchen, I laughed at a tree apricot flower, as if I saw a tree hope!

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