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The book is a key


なし The book is a key

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The book is a key to help me open the door to success; the book is a ladder that allows me to climb to the top of knowledge; the book is a ship that carries me to the other side of success... the German poet Goethe said "Reading a good book is like talking to a noble person." I like reading very much. The book is a good teacher and a friend, teaching me to be a man. Since reading the book "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer", I have been unable to calm down for a long time Newport 100S. I deeply feel that Tom Sawyer is a brave and tenacious man. The protagonist of this book, Tom, is lively and naughty, often escaping from school. He does not like to be constrained, and he wants to be a green man and a wandering life Marlboro Gold. At the same time, he is smart and kind, with a sense of justice. He not only bravely stood up to expose the crimes of the bad guys, but also used his ingenuity to make himself and his friends out of danger. How brave is Soya, his spiritual moment. Engraved me. I remember once, the weather was very cold, the river was covered with thick ice, and the earth was covered with white snow, like a thick quilt. In the morning, the East has not revealed the white belly, and my mother urged me to get up and exercise. I stretched out and saw that the sky was still early, and I refused to get up in bed. My mother forced me to put on my clothes and dragged me out of the door. I had to run with my mother. The sky was full of goose feathers and snow, and the biting cold wind "sounded" and only drilled into my neck. My face was red and red, like a ripe apple, my hands were frozen and shivering, and I could only force it. Although the weather is cold, I still run in the snow. Suddenly, I didn't notice that there was a stone under my foot and I was stumbled by it. The blood was oozing on the elbow, and it was dripping into the white snow. I was so painful that I couldn��t help but yell, and the tears flowed unconsciously. I said categorically: "I don't run, I don't run anymore!" After the mother heard it, she said seriously: "Don't you thoroughly "digest" the book "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer"? Tom in the book is so strong, so brave Newport Cigarettes, but why do you shrink when you encounter this small setback?" I heard, Tom's image came to my eyes again, yes, I should be a strong man! Tom has encountered so many difficulties, but does not care, in contrast Newport Cigarettes Coupons, what is my pain? I bite my teeth, stand up from the ground, and continue to exercise. Whenever I encounter difficulties and want to retreat, whenever I feel frustrated and want to cry, I think of Tom Sayana��s tall figure. From Tom Sawyer, I understand that the spirit of perseverance is the precious wealth of mankind. We should learn from Tom Sawyer: In the face of difficulties, don't pessimistically retreat, and go forward and overcome it. We must continue to carry forward this spirit. There are no taboos in the fun of the Year. I often sway in my childhood dreams. I really want to sleep like a sleeping beauty. If I describe childhood fun, I will compare it to a flower, a flower. A fragrant flower; a box, a box with many secrets; a grape rack, a grape rack full of countless grapes... Let us enjoy the fairytale story together. ! Today, I finished reading a book about the childhood of "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Tom Soya" is the American writer Marc? Twain was written on the subject of American juvenile life. The background of the story is St. Petersburg in the 19th century on the Mississippi River. The protagonist of the story, Tom Sawyer, is a naive, lively and naughty typical American teenager Parliament Cigarettes. He and the wild child Huck have done a lot of unexpected things. For example, Tom was smashed by Polly, but he gave a trick, which not only made other children willing to take the place of his work, but also automatically gave thanks. Later, Huck fled to the desert island, people thought they drowned, and they were holding a
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