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When I was filling out my volunteers, my most desirable university was the quaint Hunan University. I yearn for the beautiful Yuelu Mountain, the longing for the elegant love pavilion, and the longing for the quaint Yuelu Academy. This has strengthened my confidence and I must test this. The ideal university. Although my first wish only filled in Hunan University, but this sincerity, but did not touch God, let me play too often, smoothly squeezed into the ranks of a line, even worse, I did not even reach the second line, it is simply The tragedy of the world, re-reading for a year, my clumsy head, and no brilliance, only on the second line Buy Newport Online, and then successfully admitted to a common university. Therefore, Hunan University is a dream for me - a dream that can never be reached. Nowadays, as a tourist, I finally stepped on the hot red land of Changsha, and my first stop decided to go to Hunan University to dream. When the bus drove into the gate of Hunan University, I was a little excited. After all, I had been entangled for many years and finally let me step in. Hunan University does not believe that China is beautiful. Because the streets are full of vehicles and the cars on the campus, I am very uncomfortable. After all, this is a school, not a traffic artery. Come and go. With a lot of cars, how to make the students feel at ease, and the beauty of the tranquility that the campus should have is gone Usa Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, which makes me a little disappointed. However, the ancient buildings of Hunan University still make me enchanted. For the buildings with the sense of time, I always report the best tolerance. After all, they are the witnesses of the years, they accompany the growth and study of young students. Just like our mentor and friend, and like our best friend and confidant, it is also the imprint of our youth Marlboro Regular Cigarettes, because as long as these buildings are still there Free Newport Carton, we will always find a reference that can remember the youth when we return to a certain month in a certain year. Things and hanging objects, so these buildings are of great significance to every student. It is best that such a school district will never change, so that when we are eighty years old, we can come here to relive the beauty of youth. The tree shadow of the mother-in-law on the campus of Hunan University left a deep impression on me. When the sunlight penetrated the dense leaves and projected the mottled tree shadow on the cyan cement road, my literary heart was no longer safe. Points, as if to see the afterimage of youth, that beauty, stunning the flow of years, amazing time. Not far away, a group of students riding bicycles, slowly coming from a distance, as if a moment of youthful whirlwinds, blowing my old eyes, shed tears of emotion, time has passed, a blink of an eye has passed A few spring and autumn, I am getting farther and farther away from the campus Cigarette Cartons Wholesale, but I am very pleased to see their young faces, because I used to be like them, and they are unscrupulously youthful.
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