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If a mortal person


なし If a mortal person

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If a mortal person likes a thing, he often has a hope for it, hoping that he can accompany himself for a long time. Sometimes, you even mistakenly think that you can get along with each other forever. Of course, this is only a subjective desire. It is really impossible to realize that if a mortal person likes a thing, he will feel that it is perfect and can hardly find any shortcomings in it. Even if there are some imperfections, there are some shortcomings and shortcomings, and they will feel very reasonable and normal, and they can accept them. It seems that some of the shortcomings, embarrassment, are also very kind and beautiful. Whether or not it can reflect the specificity of the object, the uniqueness of the object has a process of formation, existence, development, and extinction. This is a universal law of nature Wholesale Cigarettes Free Shipping, an objectivity, and no transformation or transfer by the subjective will of man Cheapest Cigarette Cartons. Therefore, regardless of the nature of the object, it is ultimately necessary to embark on the road of extinction and destruction Cheap Newport 100. This is an indisputable fact that everything has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as its perfection and deficiency. There are cute things about it, and it's not cute. There is no perfect thing in this world, and there is nothing in it. These are unquestionable facts, but the facts are factual and objective. People also know these truths, but they like to have such an illusion, like to have such an idea, and will turn these thoughts and consciousness into a habit. "Love is the one who wants to live Cheapest Newports Cigarettes, hate to die," which is in line with the psychological characteristics of human beings and is also in line with human nature. Our ideology is conflicting and contradictory. Things that are really like and hope that they can exist for a long time, but they are short-lived and short-lived. It is like being in life, is it "good" or "off"? Of course, it is "gathering". However, in real life, it is often a lot less. So is the "feet" good or bad? It is also very good, but it is easier to get together. Moreover, in comparison, the time between the banquet and the scattered time cannot be compared with each other. So what is the flower? She is very beautiful and fragrant, it should be beautiful, very desirable and pursued. But after a short period of time, she will fade, and it will often feel very regrettable. For what I like, is it hope that it will exist for a long time, or will it be sighed and sighed in the face of its short existence? The heart is silently accepted? No Free Carton Of Newport Cigarettes, I think the best way is to keep it in memory. When you think about it one day, you can savor it. At that time, you should feel very gratified and satisfied.
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