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When the summer


なし When the summer

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When the summer vacation is over, I came to Shanghai and saw a cute little cousin, Xiao Haohao. Missing for a few months, the younger brother is more beautiful, more lively and smarter. Hey, he is coming!soy milk brother runs! Hao Hao chase!"oon as I arrived in Shanghai Carton Of Newport Short Price, I became his idol. He loves to play with me, chasing me to run, and even eating is no exception. I was eating, he loved to run around and tease me to chase. After a while, I ran from the east to the west. After a while, I ran from the west to the east. After a while, I ran to the back of my chair. The milk screamed: "Ou Soy Milk! Ou Soy Milk Ou soy milk brother runs! Hao Hao chase!" He actually changed my name to "Ou Soy Milk". I pretended not to care for him. His two small hands simply grabbed the back of the chair and shook it hard. He shouted even more joyfully: "Ou Soy Milk! Ou Soy Milk! Ou Soo Milk Brother Run! Hao Hao Chasing!" I had to turn around He said: "Brother does not run. Brother eats, Hao Hao also eats." He put a chubby little face on the back of the chair, through the back of the chair, looking at me laughing: "Hao Hao does not eat. Brother run, Hao Hao chased." After he finished, he ran away first, and ran and shouted: "Ou Bean Milk! Ou Bean Milk! Ou Bean Milk Brother Run! Hao Hao Chasing!"y, I had to play with him - because he is so cute. After playing for a while, I said to him: "Hao Hao to eat Marlboro Gold 100S Online With Free Shipping." He even obediently ran to his mother and began to eat. Who knows that he just ate a bite, he ran away again, or excitedly called while running: "Ou soy milk brother running! Hao Hao chase!" Cough, really take him no way!Eight Eight!" "Quality!"Eight Eight!" "George!" is Haohao's most distinctive "baby language." "188" means: one hundred and eighty milliliters of milk powde is a very ordinary flower pillow towel Carton Cigarettes For Sale Online. These two things are the magic bullets for Hao Haohao to fall asleep. Without these two things, Hao Hao will cry and make trouble before going to bed,the evening, Hao Hao wants to sleep, and he will say to his grandfather (my grandfather): "One-eighth eight-year-old grandfather! One-eighth-eight grandfather bubble!" As long as his grandfather's speed is a little slower, his voice will be Hastily got up: "1818-8!" If you suddenly find that "Strict Grid" is not around Newport Coupons In Cartons, it is even worse. He would rush to the bed and wowed up: "One Eight Eight! Wow..." However, as soon as I heard "188" and "Strict Grid" came, He would immediately break into a smile, can't wait to grab the bottle Short Newport Cigarettes, hold the pillow tightly on his chest, and scream and drink the milk powder. His expression is so satisfying, as if he had never cried at all. There were no tear marks on his face. When he got up from the bed, he had already dried it with his back. Drinking and drinking, unconsciously, slowly entered a sws, he will say "Hao Hao wants to have a happy birthday"; when he thinks of playing outside, he will say: "The grandfather car is open and arched"; obviously he is I want to listen to the theme song of "Which Legend", but I say "Where is my aunt?" As soon as I see the light that is not lit, he will say "Ada light lamp dad buys"... such a cute little guy, How can you not like it?
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