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Although it is the "simplest" project, it is not an easy task. Everyone knows that the egg is oval and the eggshell is so smooth. If you want to erect it on the table, you need to have patience and balance skills! in the chair at the apex, put the elbows flat on the edge of the table, then gently hold the eggs with the thumb and forefinger of both hands, erect them, and then slowly and steadily put them on the table. At this point, all my attention was concentrated on the egg caught by the four fingers, and I didn't dare to relax at all. I didn't dare to care. Gently and gently, I only felt that the egg was standing right on the table. The weight of the four fingers was almost the same. I wanted to slowly remove the four fingers, but four fingers. Not yet open, the egg has gone down the index finger of the left handgh! Faile my body, stabilized, and once again sat in the chair and started another round of experiments. This time, I have to learn the last lesson, the action should be lighter, calmer, and more patient By Newport 100... The egg was once again clamped to the table by four fingers, and I stabilized again, two The eyes are tightly fixed on the eggs, it seems that they are a little careless, and the eggs will fly away Cheap Cigarettes Newport In Nj. The four fingers gently put the eggs, do not dare to move, but the more you dare not move, as if the more you can not control, the fingers actually shake slightly, really damn! I am desperately controlling my fingers, but I can't, I don't know what's going on, my fingers don't listen, and the more I shake, the more..tood up, stretched a bit of sore arms Marlboro 100S Cigarettes Free Shipping, and looked helplessly at the eggs lying on the table. It seems that it is such a simple thing, how much effort behind it!e success of this perfect work is that the description is vivid, exquisite and exciting.. small author from a TV program, leading to a "vertical egg" attempt, the selected material itself has a strong interest and attractiveness Carton Sale On Newports. This is one reason why this composition touches readers.he process of describing the attempt to ��vertical eggs�� Marlboro Hard Cigerate, the small authors carried out a detailed description of the movements and psychology of the two vertical eggs, just like the close-up of the TV, which left a very deep impression. This is another reason why this composition touches readers.
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