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Dongshan Lushan, Xiongju


なし Dongshan Lushan, Xiongju

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Dongshan Lushan, Xiongju Luzhong, is the first of the five towns. There are dozens of pines, cypresses, chestnuts and maples on the mountain. The four seasons are green oceans. They are called ��natural oxygen bars��; they are national 4A forest parks and national chess training grounds.spring comes to Lushan, the snow melts and merges into Xiaoxi. They are the birthplace of Wenshui, Mishui, Lishui and Lishui. The tree by the creek was the first to draw new branches. The verdant leaves tell people that spring is here. Small animals such as birds and squirrels also smell the smell of spring Cigarettes Free Shipping. They walk leisurely along the stream and jump around the tree cheerfully Wholesale Marlboro Cigarettes. the summer, I went to Lushan, and the mountains were blooming. You will appreciate the ancient poetry: "The world is full of Fangfei in April, the mountain temple peach blossoms begin to bloom" is wonderful. The mountain is already dying, and the flowers on the mountain, the azaleas and the cuckoos are open. From the top of the mountain, white, red, purple, and yellow flowers are set in the green ocean, beautiful. The sun under the mountain is like a fire, and the waterfalls on the mountains are flowing, w chestnut leaves. It seems to be back in the spring. At this time, you can enjoy the real green food in Lushan: pine mushrooms, persimmons, apples, hawthorn, chestnuts... By the way, after you have tasted the good fortune, don't forget to order some special products such as Polygonum multiflorum and Ganoderma lucidum.r is in the mountains, after the heavy snow, a piece of silver is wrapped. The sun's father-in-law lazily shines on everything, the snow on the tree gradually melts, and the wind blows the naughty, and the melted snow forms a glass-like ice on the branches, which is so transparent Marlboro Red 100S Carton Price. The transparent ice is wrapped in the green cypress leaves, which makes people suspect that they are in a fairyland. It is deeply felt: "The old age, then the pines and cypresses will wither."an, not only is the scenery attractive, but also a huge treasure house. There are many kinds of animals and plants in Lushan. Lushan specialty: red mushroom, chestnut, hawthorn, whole glutinous rice, bee products are well known. There are also valuable Chinese herbal medicines: Polygonum multiflorum, Ganoderma lucidum, Salvia miltiorrhiza and so on.here are friends who come from afar and are not happy." Linyishan is good Cigarettes Newport, the water is good, the people are better, and the warm and hospitable people of Linyi welcome you to experience the thousand-year history and culture of the top five towns in China Buy Cigarettes Wholesale.
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