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I have a happy childhood


なし I have a happy childhood

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I have a happy childhood, and there are many interesting things in my childhood.when I was five or six years old, there was one thing that made me laugh and cry Newport Cigarettes Coupons. I was chased by the grandmother��s pig and ran half a village.e morning of the day, I went to the pigsty to see the new born pig baby. I saw that they were very cute and wanted to hug them, but the mother said that she could not hold the baby Cigarettes For Sale, and the pig mother would be angry. I saw the pig mother's circle closed, how could the pig mother come out, and later, I can imagine that I was playing with the pig baby. After a while, the pig mother heard the cry of the pig and slammed into the door of the pigsty. I scared back a few steps. The door of the pigsty is also very strong, and the pig mother did not break the door. I am safe. So I said with a sigh of relief: "I don't want your baby, just take a look at it, don't be so stingy, then you can't hit the door again." The voice just fell, the pig mother broke out! I was scared to put the pig on the ground and ran like a string of arrows. But the pig mother was very angry. After seeing the pig baby, it rushed to me. I could run it, and called my mother while I was running Newport Cigarettes Price. I heard the caller��s mother came quickly, but fortunately, my mother rushed to stop. Pig mother.id with a sigh of relief behind my mother: "The pig baby has your murderous mother as the guardian, and I also have my mother to protect it, hehe!" Mom laughed straight.s a very interesting and scary thing when I was a child. How do you find it interesting? In the annual Dragon Boat Festival, people not only sing and dance to celebrate, but also the habit of eating scorpions. There are many people who like to eat scorpions, but how many people know how to pack scorpions? Ok, let me teach you! First, put the glutinous rice in water and soak it, preferably on the day before the scorpion. When soaking, first clean the rice, pour it into the container, and add the appropriate water to the side Marlboro Red. Then wash the leaves, place the leaves in the basin, add hot water to boil (appropriate turn over Cigarettes Online, not to be damaged). Then it is mixed with the ingredients, adding peanuts, bean sprouts, red dates, mushrooms, etc. to the pots. The last is the scorpion, the shape of the scorpion is usually a triangle. Do not take too much material in the middle, otherwise the glutinous rice will run out. Start steaming the dumplings, put the dumplings in the pot, add water and boil the water with a big fire. After a while, it will do. Have you learned your friends?
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